DBV-Technologies – developers of the Viaskin patch for allergy treatment!

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On the DBV Technologies internet site you can get a window onto what could well be the future of allergy treatment. Years of research and testing are now starting to bear fruit, as you’ll see if you follow this link.

The Viaskin patch is a good example of the EPIT approach

Source: http://www.dbv-technologies.com

This section is an introduction to the Viaskin patch, a deceptively simple looking adhesive patch. The secret to this patch is that it makes it possible to deliver proteins (i.e. antigens) into the patient’s body without breaking the skin barrier. This avoids the direct introduction of antigens into the bloodstream, which could lead to anaphylaxis. This approach is called epicutaneous immunotherapy or EPIT, and it works by placing the patch on the arm, as demonstrated in the picture. Once this is done, the body’s natural heat starts to do the rest. It creates a ‘condensation chamber’, which then solubilizes the dry antigens on the patch backing. In this form, they can pass through the skin and into the Langerhans cells situated below. These tolerogenic cells are the safest place to begin tolerizing the body to the antigens in question.

Written by Loane